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Jim Joyce

From my viewpoint, the financial community reliance on comparable analysis overinflates the value of redundant me-too therapeutics, and by nature ignores innovation that may have a much bigger impact in saving lives.

Mr. Joyce is the founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Aethlon Medical. Under his leadership, Aethlon has transformed the concept of a selective therapeutic filtration device (The Aethlon Hemopurifier®) into the reality of treating both HIV and hepatitis C patients in a clinical setting. Follow-on research has further validated the ability of the Hemopurifier® to capture a broad-spectrum of bioterror and pandemic threats as well as immunosuppressive cancer exosomes.

Mr. Joyce has originated numerous collaborative relationships with government and non-government research organizations, has authored supporting publications and reports, and raised capital resources to support the mission of Aethlon Medical. He has represented the Company on CNN, NBC, ABC, and other media outlets and has testified before Congress on issues related to Project BioShield legislation and the deployment of the Aethlon Hemopurifier® as a countermeasure against biological weapons. His efforts on Capital Hill were instrumental in expanding the definition of treatment countermeasure in Project BioShield legislation to include medical devices. In May 2011, the Company introduced the Aethlon ADAPT™ system to advance Mr. Joyce’s vision of an expansive device platform that converges affinity drug agents with plasma membrane technology to create new candidate therapies against life-threatening disease conditions.

From February 1993 until founding Aethlon Medical, Mr. Joyce was Chief Executive Officer of James Joyce & Associates. Previously he was founder and Chief Executive Officer of Mission Labs, Inc., was a principal at London Zurich Securities, Inc., and was a member of the Denver Broncos Football Club of the National Football League. Mr. Joyce is a graduate of the University of Maryland.


January 3, 2013

01: Fiscal Cliff Folies

Brian analyzes America’s "celebration" of avoiding the fiscal cliff, but did we really avoid it or did we slide off of it and are simply waiting to hit the bottom?

02: Greatest show on Earth

Ringmasters of the great political circus we call "Congress" are masters of deception. Join Brian for a dose of TRUTH.

03: Imagine a Device that could turbo-charge almost any drug in the world

Brian introduces Jim Joyce, founder of Aethlon Medical as he explains a ground-breaking medical device aimed towards saving lives by clearing the blood of disease and allowing existing therapies to work much more effectively with greater results than ever imagined.

04: Defeating the Foot Soldiers of Disease

Aethlon Medical has discovered the secrets of how to dramatically improve the results of existing therapies for things like Hepatitis C, HIV and cancer by eliminating the foot soldiers of these diseases and clearing the way for therapies to work faster and better. This is truly revolutionary!

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